LMU AI Courses WiSe 2022

29 September 2022

There will be over 30 courses on AI this upcoming semester, see here for a list.

This upcoming semester will feature over 30 courses directly about artificial intelligence or machine learning at various faculties of LMU. We hope this list might help some students discover interesting lectures or seminars from other faculties as well. If there are any courses missing or wrong, we would of course be happy about a correction. There are also courses for students interested in the Artificial Intelligence as a major Minor - AIM@LMU program.

Institute of Informatics

Center for Information and Language Processing

Faculty of Medicine

Department of Mathematics

Department of Statistics

  • Introduction to Machine Learning (Moodle, GitHub, LSF)
  • Optimization for Machine Learning (Moodle, LSF)
  • Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing (Moodle, LSF)
  • Supervised Learning/Predictive Modelling (Moodle, LSF)
  • Innovationslabor Big Data Science (Moodle, LSF)
  • Seminar: Unsupervised Deep Learning (Moodle, LSF)
  • AutoML - Automated Machine Learning (KI-Campus, Moodle, LSF)
  • Applied Deep Learning (Moodle)
  • Causal Inference (Moodle, LSF)
  • Causal Inference (Moodle, LSF)
  • Computational Social Science (Moodle, LSF)
  • Einführung in die statistische Software für NF (Moodle, LSF)
  • How to Make Use of Machine Learning & Microsimulations in Official Statistics (Moodle)
  • The department also offers bachelor's and master's degrees in Statistics and Data Science, which allow for a specialization in Machine Learning.

Department of Physics

School of Arts

Department of Biology

School of Management

Department of Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and Religious Studies

Faculty for the Study of Culture

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