Upcoming Events at LMU in AI

  • Lecture • 17 July 2024 We are (still?) not giving data enough credit

    Prof. Dr. Alexei (Alyosha) Efros is a professor at UC Berkeley and a member of the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab (BAIR). His research is in the area of computer vision and computer graphics, especially at the intersection of the two. Everyone is cordially invited to the next lecture Munich AI Lectures on Wednesday, July 17, 2024 in the Plenarsaal of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in Munich. Professor Alexei A. Efros from UC Berkeley will speak on the topic "We are (still?) not giving data enough credit". Please register for the event here. The lecture will also be available as a livestream.

  • Panel Discussion • 9 July 2024 Can Ethics Ensure Trustworthy AI?

    The Chair of Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (Prof. Dr. Sven Nyholm) cordially invites everyone to a panel discussion on Tuesday, July 9, 2024 at the Senatsaal, Geschwister Scholl Platz 1. Can Ethics Ensure Trustworthy AI? This event is part of the event series "Comparing Notes on Trustworthy AI" in cooperation with the Liquid Legal Institute and appliedAI.

  • Conference • 4 July 2024 Munich AI Day 2024 by MCML

    What does the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) look like and what are new developments in research? Outstanding national and international AI scientists and decision-makers from politics, business and the media will come together at this year's Munich AI Day 2024 on Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 2pm to shed light on these questions. The aim of the summit, organized by the Munich Center for Machine Learning, is to discuss the potentials of AI in different fields. The Streaming-Link will be published here shortly before the event starts.

  • Workshop • 2 July 2024 Academic Speed Dating

    AI-HUB@LMU is excited to announce an Academic Speed Dating event organized by Prof. Dr. Alexander Wuttke for scholars from all disciplines with an interest in AI research. Participants will engage in 5-minute blitz conversations, providing a rapid-fire exchange of ideas. Our aim is to spark interdisciplinary dialogues and collaborations by introducing scholars from diverse academic backgrounds and career stages who share a common interest in AI, whether directly or peripherally. The event promises to be an enriching opportunity for faculty, postdocs, and graduate students alike to explore the multifaceted world of AI research. The event will take place on Zoom. Sign up here

  • panel discussion • 24 June 2024 ChatGPT and other Large Language Models in Teaching and Research

    When ChatGPT was suddenly released to the general public in November of 2022, it sparked a lively discussion about its impact on education and research. This ongoing conversation continues to evolve as generative AI technologies become increasingly common in society. On June 24th the ethical and social questions around using ChatGPT and similar AI models in these fields are discussed in an event moderated by Prof. Dr. Sven Nyholm with AI ethics expert Dr. Silvia Milano giving a keynote, followed by a panel chat with Prof. Dr. Peter Adamson (philosophy), Prof. Dr. Frauke Kreuter (statistics and data science), and Prof. Dr. Albrecht Schmidt (computer science).

  • Talk • 6 June 2024 From Bach to Natural Machines, algorithms as the shapers of music

    Dan Tepfer, a pianist, composer, and coder, is giving a talk on June 6th about the significant role of algorithms in music, challenging the notion that music is solely a product of emotion. He will explain how algorithms are crucial in music creation, exemplified by his project "Natural Machines," where a Yamaha Disklavier player piano responds in real time to his improvisations. The talk will include live demonstrations, connecting Tepfer's high-tech project with Bach's timeless music, emphasizing the relationship between algorithms and music.

  • Fall School • 27 November 2023 3rd AutoML Fall School 2023

    The 3rd edition of AutoML Fall School is scheduled for Nov 27-30 in Munich, marking a collaborative effort between the universities of Munich, Freiburg, and Hannover, organized locally by Prof. Dr. Bernd Bischl, Prof. Dr. Matthias Feurer, Prof. Dr. Marius Lindauer, Prof. Dr. Frank Hutter, Dr. Janek Thomas and Dr. Marcel Wever, and sponsored by the MCML. It serves as a valuable platform for advanced Master’s students, early Ph.D. students, and ML practitioners to deepen their understanding of AutoML.

  • Symposium • 17 November 2023 Symposium on AI Research at LMU

    On 29th November 2023 from 6:15 pm to 8:00 pm, this year's Symposium on AI Research taking place in LMU's Große Aula will showcase the next generation of AI research at LMU. The evening will start with introductions by Vice-President Prof. Dr. Oliver Jahraus, Michael Greiner of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art, Dr. Michael Klimke from baiosphere, and remarks by Prof. Dr. Gitta Kutyniok. Ten newly appointed AI Professors will then showcase their groundbreaking research, delving into areas from medicine and finance to cultural heritage. The event concludes with a reception at the Lichthof.

  • Keynote and Hackathon • 17 November 2023 AI meets Entrepreneurs: Impact Bootcamp towards Food Security and Nutrition

    On November 17th and 18th, a collaborative event is set to take place at LMU, organized in partnership with the Munich Center for Machine Learning, impACTup!, Netlight Consulting GmbH, and the ZD.B / LMU Media Informatics Group. The event seeks to explore the role of AI in food security, drawing insights from notable AI researchers, entrepreneurs, and representatives from the World Food Programme. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss current challenges and to present AI-driven approaches to address food security. It promises a thoughtful exploration of the interplay between technology and global food concerns.

  • Conference • 6 November 2023 Second TRR 318 Conference: Measuring Understanding

    This year‘s conference of the collaborative research center TRR 318 “Constructing Explainability” involving LMU focuses on measuring understanding. We invite all researchers working on Explainable Artificial Intelligence research to submit your work as an abstract until 15.05.2023 to The conference will be held in Paderborn from the 06.11.2023 – 07.11.2023 and there will be no conference fees.

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