Symposium on AI Research at LMU

Wednesday 29 November 2023, 6:15 pm to 8:00 pm

Meet the newly appointed AI Professors at LMU Munich and join a panel discussion on the next generation of AI research from the different disciplinary perspectives

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In order to expand the research network on artificial intelligence in Bavaria, a lot of new AI Professorships were established across the state. This year, there will be an AI symposium, where the newly appointed professors will present their research focuses. After welcome addresses by the vice-president of LMU, Prof. Dr. Oliver Jahraus, Michael Greiner (Ministerialdirigent Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art), and Dr. Michael Klimke (Managing Director of baiosphere) and opening remarks by Prof. Dr. Gitta Kutyniok, LMU-Director Konrad Zuse School of Excellence for Reliable AI (relAI), Spokesperson of the CAS Research Focus "Next Generation AI“, the newly appointed AI- and Data Science professors will introduce themselves and their various research approaches at this symposium. A reception will be held after the symposium at the Lichthof of LMU.

Location: LMU, Große Aula, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, 80539 Munich.

Time: Wednesday 29 November 2023, 6:15 pm to 8:00 pm

The program is available here. The event is open to the public and we kindly ask you to register:

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Prof. Dr. Mario Haim

Chair of Communication Science, especially Computational Communication Research

Research interests: Political Communication, Computational Journalism, Algorithmic Curation in Media Environments, Computational Methods

Prof. Dr. Kevin Heng

Chair for Theoretical Astrophysics of Extrasolar Planets

Research interests: Theory, Simulation, Observations, Phenomenology, and Geosciences of Exoplanets and their Atmospheres, Philosophy of Science

Prof. Dr. Michael Ingrisch

Head of Clinical Data Science

Research interests: Advanced Statistics, Machine Learning and Computer Vision Techniques in the Context Of Clinical Radiology, AI-Supported Diagnosis and Prognostication

Prof. Dr. Wiktor Młynarski

Professor of Computational Neuroscience

Research interests: Neural System Functions, Normative Theories, Experimental Collaboration, Sensory Analysis, Environmental Inference, Adaptation Mechanisms, Information Theory

Prof. Dr. Holger Rauhut

Chair for Mathematics of Information Processing

Research interests: Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning, Mathematics of Signal Processing, Deep Learning, Compressive Sensing, Random Matrices, Applied Harmonic Analysis, Continuous Optimization, Approximation Theory

Prof. Dr. Ryan Riordan

Head of Institute for Financial Innovation & Technology

Research interests: Technology in Financial Markets, High Frequency Trading, Intersection of Climate Risks and Asset Pricing

Prof. Dr. Carsten Schwemmer

Professor of Sociology and Computational Social Sciences

Research interests: Computational Social Science, Ethnic & Gender Studies, Digital Media & Communication, Political Sociology, Sociotechnical Systems, NLP, Images as Data

Prof. Dr. Kristian Unger

Professor for AI-assisted Clinical Decision Support in Oncology

Research interests: Clinical Decision Support, Explainable AI, Oncology, Genetic Data

Prof. Dr. Ruth Wendt

Professor of Communication science with a focus on Digital Literacy in Algorithmic Spaces

Research interests: Media Literacy, Media Use & Media Impact; Media Socialization & Media Education

Prof. Dr. Alexander Wuttke

Professor of Digitalization and Political Behavior

Research interests: Causal Inference, Computational Social Science, Open Science, Political Psychology, Democracy Research

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